Our Covid-19 Operation Plan: 

Participants and students will be sent the liability waiver and self-tech forms prior to the registered programs.  They are asked to print and sign these documents, and hand in at the front gate upon arrival in order to minimize interactions with our staffs.

Our gate staff will wear gloves and mask during the entire program.  Gate person will ask each participant, upon their entries, the following questions and to take body temperatures by our touchless infrared thermometer:

if they are sick or have anyone in the household that are sick.  We will turn away anyone and/or if their household members are sick.
Have you left the country in the past 14 days?
Have you been in contact in the past 14 days who may have infected with Covid-19?


Drivers meeting to be held at Pre-Grid, an outdoor area in which everyone will be asked to stand at least 6 feet from each other; the use of PA will also be used for those who wish to stay at the assigned pit spots during drivers meeting.  We will use a mega phone during drivers meeting so that everyone can still hear the important notes while staying further away than normal.

We will still be running our 3-4 run group format; however, there will be no instructors in car with students.  A lead-follow format will be introduced to the beginners.

Participants must maintain physical spacing in the paddock at all times

The wearing of masks is mandatory.

No sharing of paddock parking pads. Every second numbered space must be left vacant.

No passengers will be allowed in cars at any point, even if they are from the same household.

Speed-Fanatics will keep a participants' contact list for potential Covid-tracing purposes.

Pit crews and spectators are not allowed during all of our programs until Covid restrictions by Provincial Health Department are lifted. 

Only registered drivers, track manager, and Speed-Fanatics staffs will be allowed at the track.

Individually bagged lunch will be put on our catering table for guests to pick up via line up format; guests to be spaced out 6 feet from each other when lining up to pick up their lunches.

At the end of the program, there will be dedicated Speed-Fanatics staffs to clean up any left behind garbage around the pit area and pre-grid.

Communication radios will be wrapped in zip lock bags for hygiene purposes.

Thank you for reading our Covid-19 Operation Plan and please feel free to contact us shall you have any questions.