Being raised in Macau, where annually hosts the famous Macau Grand Prix at its Guia street circuit, the enthusiasm for motorsports is well-soaked in since young for Ken Lau. Like most, autocross was the first stepping stone for basic discipline of car control, timing/precision, and ability of driving line judgement for best efficiency. There after, HPDE events to further develop and refine the basics learnt on various West Coast circuits; including the likes of Mission Raceway, Pacific Raceways, Ridge Motorsports Park, Portland International Raceway. Oregon Raceway Park and Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. 

Started with autocross in 2006, Ken has moved on to lapping days and ChumpCar endurance racing in the recent years. His autocross accomplishments include the 2006 BC Championship and several UBCSCC Slush Series titles. His fun vehicle, a 2001 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS, has always been there for the ride on this journey in motorsports. Ken brings to the Speed Fanatics team his love for smooth driving, interest in instructing, and passion for motorsports photography.

Program team

Speed Fanatics

Keith Robinson has been racing for 22 years -- and instructing for 17 years -- at Mission Raceway. In his storied career, he has also raced at Mosport, Laguna Seca, Sonoma, Portland, and Seattle, in open and closed wheel cars, on ovals and road courses. He has accumulated loads of accolades such as multiple time open wheel champion in the CACC Championships, trophies in autocross as well as ice racing. If you have a question about racing, Keith is the person to ask!

Alex Ho started racing in Auto X 2009 and clinched the 2011 VCMC Opax Championship. In 2011 started attending local track days in the Pacific Northwest. Has experience in everything from karts to exotic cars and as a strong historical knowledge of racing (primarily touring cars and Formula 1). 

Gary Kwong has been involved with numerous manufacturer’s programs in his early days of instructing in driving events. Throughout the years, Gary has helped many current race drivers in achieving their dreams one step at a time.  “Going fast is easy, learning something new every time at the track is what it counts!”

In addition to racing, the Speed Fanatics team is also actively involved in organizing high performance driver education (HPDE) programs in the Metro Vancouver and nearby vicinity to promote proper high speed driving techniques. Participants are encouraged to drive within their capabilities while exploring and improving their car control skills. Novices are paired with seasoned instructors to help them learn the basics of track safety and high performance driving.

With a 1985 Toyota Corolla GTS being his first car, Mickey Wong learned how to drive and set a good foundation for performance driving. Prior to his first lapping day experience, he had attended several drift practice events. Mickey has been actively attending lapping day events at Mission Raceway Park and The Ridge Motorsport Park, and acquired his novice racing license in 2017.

Rick Leung is our 10-year motorsports veteran and one of Speed Fanatics' instructors. He is an ex-autocross champion, a hardcore track rat, and our part time photographer. While he is comfortable in a wide variety of cars, his track weapon of choice is Nancy -- his good ol' trusty 3rd gen Mazda (NC) Miata that he has owned since new.