By signing the liability release form, all drivers acknowledge that they agree to the following:

  • Drivers may only enter the track with the permission of the grid marshal.
  • ​​Drivers must operate their vehicles at all times in a manner that is safe, predictable, and courteous to other drivers.
  • If you run off the track, you may not immediately re-enter. Look ahead to the corner worker and wait for his OK before re-entering.
  • Any driver that has crashed may not continue to drive for the rest of the program.
  • Spinning out twice in the same session will result in the driver being asked to stop driving for the rest of the program.
  • Failure to follow flagging instructions and/or procedures will result in that driver be removed from the event.
  • Only drivers who have registered for the program and received the official program wristband will be allowed on the track. Any non-registered driver or spectator who attempts to gain access to the track will be immediately ejected from the premises.

  • Don’t follow the car ahead of you too closely. If he/she spins, you will most likely collect it while both of you go off the track. Passing rules must be followed at all times.

To ensure the safety of all participants:

  • Timing is not allowed.
  • A 95 dB static noise limit is strictly enforced.
  • Helmets of appropriate safety standards for vehicle use (eg. SA2010+) must be worn and securely fastened at all times when the driver is on track.
  • Seatbelts and/or harnesses must be worn at all times on track.
  • No handheld video recording.

  • Pit / paddock speed limit is 15 km/h
  • Hot pit speed limit is 50 km/h (with no tire scrubbing allowed in the hot pit)
  • Children under 16 are not allowed to ride in vehicles.
  • Children must be under adult supervision at all times.
  • No open alcoholic beverages are allowed in the its until after the event has officially ended.
  • Any registered driver caught consuming alcohol or using illicit drugs will be immediately ejected from the premises.
  • All vehicle and pit equipment must be kept inside the designated areas.
  • Additional facility rules must be followed at all times upon request by the event organizer / track manager.

The run group you are in will determine which set of passing rules you must follow:

  • Novice Group: Passing is not allowed.
  • Beginner Group: Passing is allowed only on the front straight with a point by from the driver in the leading car.
  • Advanced Group: Passing is allowed on the front straight, between Turn 2 and 3, and between Turn 6 and 7. All passing should only happen with a point by from the driver in the leading car.

  • All groups: Under no circumstance should an overtaking driver cause another driver to have to alter their driving line.

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Safety and Courtesy

Other than taking still photographs for personal, non-commercial and non-promotional use, no drivers, passengers or their guests are permitted to produce or broadcast any audio, visual (still and/or moving) and/or audio-visual coverage of the venue or any activity at the venue in any media without obtaining Speed Fanatics’ prior written consent.

Participants are not allowed to take pictures of any possible accidents. Speed Fanatics reserves the right ot expel any participant or spectator from the event if such beahviour is caught.

Speed Fanatics reserve the rights to charge a reasonable fee for the production of such coverage

Where Speed Fanatics provides its consent to the production of coverage:

  1. any and all on-board video equipment carried in or on vehicles must be safely and securely installed in accordance with any applicable governing body regulations
  2. if the person making the request is a journalist, photographer and/or cameraman, such person must comlete a media accreditation form supplied by Speed Fanatics, accompanied by a letter or other written communication form the journalist's, photographer's or cameraman's relevant publication or company.

To ensure the safety of all participants and spectators, Speed Fanatics requires everyone on site to comply with our safety rules. In particular, drivers must ensure that their vehicles meet the following vehicle inspections:

  • ​Brakes -- minimum of 50% pad material remaining, and brakes in good, working condition
  • Brake fluid -- must be clean and fluid level near/at the maximum mark
  • Brake lights -- must be in working condition
  • Tires -- DOT tires with a min of 3/32" tread depth, and no cuts or damage to sidewalls, and no cords / steel belts showing
  • Wheel bearing must be play- and noise-free
  • Wheels must not show any signs of cracks
  • Wheel lug nuts torqued to factory specs -- usually somewhere between 70 - 100 lb-ft
  • No fluids leaking
  • Battery must be securely tied down
  • Windshield is crack-free
  • Vehicles without functional wipers cannot participate in any wet events
  • Helmet -- must be SNELL SA or M certified with a minimum of 2005 rating
  • Shoes -- must be closed toe (ie. no flip flops, sandals, etc.)
  • Safety belts must be in good operating condition with no tears or fraying
  • All loose items must be removed from the car
  • Vehicle sound limit must not exceed 95 dB

Once drivers are on track, flag signals are the only way for the organizer and track marshals to communicate with the participants. Always pay attention to the different flag signals that are displayed at the various corner stations.

  • situation normal, everything is good to go
Standing Yellow
  • use caution & be alert for a potential hazard
  • no passing
Waving Yellow
  • debris or incident immediately up ahead
  • slow down and proceed carefully​
  • ​serious on-track incident
  • bring your vehicle to a controlled stop and proceed slowly to the next corner worker station up ahead
  • check your mirrors
  • there are likely faster car(s) behind you
Black Stick
  • please dial back your driving aggression
Black Flag
  • please come into the pit lane and speak to the grid person
Checker Flag
  • session over
  • please slow down for a cool down lap and exit the track