2.3km's worth of freshly paved tarmac. 19 corners and over 91 metres of elevation changes per lap. 11.5% max incline and 12% downhill slopes. A road course with up to 5 different configuration, all built to FIA standards.

Welcome to the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit.

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If an event has been sold out, but you are still interested in being put on the wait list, please contact us at SpeedFanatics@hotmail.com. Early registration for our events is highly recommended.

Area 27

A track like no other

A 4.83km long, 16-corner circuit that is technical enough to challenge seasoned pros, yet still forgiving enough to thrill amateur drivers. Brought to you with relentless efforts from the 4-person team that includes president Bill Drossos, co-founder David King, ex-Formula One champion Jacques Villeneuve, and ex-Indy/NASCAR veteran Trevor Seibert, the newest and fastest track in the province awaits in Oliver, BC.

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2km long, 9-turn road course, and only an hour's drive away from Vancouver. It is a classic interpretation of something that is "easy to learn, difficult to master". With a mix of weekday and weekend event dates -- there is bound to be something that would work with your schedule!

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