Given Mission Raceway's proximity to Metro Vancouver and Speed Fanatics' close ties to SCCBC, it is only natural that we consider Mission as our "home track". With its 2km long, 9-turn road course, it is a classic interpretation of something that is "easy to learn, difficult to master".

For the 2017 season, Speed Fanatics expanded our motorsport adventures to include trips to the newly completed Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit. With its 2.3km long, 19-turn road course built to FIA standards, we are certain this track will not disappoint!

Please contact us asap if you are interested in joining us for these events.

For the 2018 season, Speed Fanatics is once again exploring a new motorsports playground -- the Area 27 Circuit. The 4.83km long, 16-corner circuit is technical enough to challenge seasoned pros, yet still forgiving enough to thrill amateur drivers. Brought to you with relentless efforts from the 4-person team that includes president Bill Drossos, co-founder David King, ex-Formula One champion Jacques Villeneuve, and ex-Indy/NASCAR veteran Trevor Seibert, the newest and fastest track in the province awaits in Oliver, BC

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Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit

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Area 27 Circuit